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Why is everybody STILL trippin about that whole August thing? →




I get not everybody is gonna agree but guys….it’s over! I think he was just upset that even after he said he didn’t want to talk about it but promote his album, she STILL went ahead and asked. And not that this is the same situation but as an example, remember when Chris went to Good Morning…

I don’t know why people are still talking about that situation but I understand why they dislike the way August acted.  Doesn’t matter what she asked him, it was a very simple question “will him and trey songz ever be friends again.”  If he didn’t want to answer, then simply say that and move on to the next question.  Although I like August’s music, I dislike his attitude.  He needs to humble himself, and get rid of this bad attitude he’s been having.  Keisha was doing her job.  She’s an interviewer, so of course she was going to talk about rumors and gossip.  If it’s anyone’s fault it’s the producers for making Keisha ask him that.  She was put on the spot, and I don’t blame her at all.  With the GMA incident… Chris did what he should have during the interview.  He said he rather not answer that.  But then the lady kept pushing and pushing.  That still didn’t justify what Chris did after the interview.  Punch a wall or something to let out your anger, don’t throw a chair at a window where EVERYONE can see you including paparazzi.  They were both wrong for the way they acted, but I hope August doesn’t continue to act like this, cause it isn’t a good look for him. 

^^ I disagree with this because if before they went on stage they agreed not to discuss it she should have left it at that. And I hate how a lot of people put celebrities especially music artist on this ladder of how they should act at the end of the day that’s a grown man and he has the right to voice how he feel and address anybody how he want. Like y’all constantly say Chris need to humble him self too but for who , all of us can say what we want and do what we want why they can’t just cause Of a image . Just my opinion and all that they are role models shit need to fly out the window people need to start being they own role models. At the end of the day I fuck with Chris and august personality and music !!!!


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